Tussah silk sliver (natural)

Tussah silk is one of wild silk produced in China. Like most natural fibers, fiber quality measured as fiber fineness (micron), fiber length, fiber purity, fiber strength and fiber cleanness. For silk, fiber luster is an additional quality measurement. This Tussah silk sliver has a wonderful hand and beautiful natural gold/honey shine. (Click the picture to enlarge).

This Tussah silk sliver is designed for blending, spinning, home-art craft, paper making. Ideal for any small fiber business, hand spinners as novelty/exotic gifts. Tussah Silk Sliver, Denier 5.8 - 5.9, fiber length >60 mm, weight of sliver 10 gram/meter. A grade.

Retail and wholesale (shipping include within USA)

For wholesale, 14 lbs/per bump minimum (left photo shows 4 bumps), to anywhere low States in USA.

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) >$3.00-5.00/OZ


Tussah silk sliver (bleached white)

Bleached white Tussah silk sliver has uniformed pure white shinny color, Which is made for colored dye. As most light colors such as creamy, beige requires a white and light color background. If dyed color is dark, it shows color better and brighter with a bleached white as basis. Bleached white Tussah silk can be dyed into any colors beautifully. Our bleached white not only white and bright, but also soft with a wonderful hand.

For trial sample, check out below option 5 oz per bag, shipping include within USA. 
For wholesale, 13 lbs bump minimum (right photo shows one bump). We ship anywhere low States in USA, shipping include within USA.
Retail and wholesale (shipping include within USA)

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) >$4.00-6.00/OZ


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